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My name is Mary Ade. I have written for B2B brands like Mailrelay, Pinpointe, Listenloop, Highspot, Automate, MoEngage, CriticalMention, to mention but a few. Let me start by sharing some statistics:


Content Marketing Success Rates Are Pretty Impressive


Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for businesses that engage in content marketing while 78 percent of Chief Marketing Officers believe the future of marketing lies with custom content. Businesses that are winning the marketing game are the ones engaged in content marketing.


The Problem


It requires a lot of time to put content that works together. From conducting research to the actual writing process, businesses require time that is better spent elsewhere. Research indicates that content production is the biggest challenge for 44 percent of marketers. The 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks report by CMI and MarketingProfs says producing enough content is the biggest challenge for B2B marketers.


The Solution


Hire my copywriting services and achieve your content marketing goals, while saving time. I currently offer blog writing, guest posting, and content strategy services. Get more information about the services below:


Blog Posts


72 percent of marketers are producing significantly more content than they did 12 months ago. This means more posts are being published daily. MarketingProf says over 2 million posts are being published daily. To gain the attention of consumers, businesses require quality pieces, tailored to the informational needs of their target market. I can help with that. You can boost your inbound marketing efforts and generate a lot more qualified leads by blogging. You can also:


  • Convert your web visitors into customers
  • Build brand awareness
  • Educate your customers
  • Build trust with your target audience
  • Foster stronger customer relationships
  • Boost your SEO efforts
  • Move prospects through the buyer’s journey


Guest Blogging


Guest posts are powerful in gaining brand recognition and perception. I can help write premium-level guest posts in top publications in your niche. I will not only write good quality posts but I will push for publication in authoritative publications in your niche. This would help to:


  • Build a responsive subscriber base for your business
  • Generate qualified traffic to your website
  • Position your business as an industry expert
  • Strengthen your website’s backlink profile
  • Expose your business to new markets and networks


Content Strategy


Content marketing enables you to build an audience for your business. But, it requires a strategy to succeed. CMI and MarketingProf’s B2B Content Marketing Report for 2019 says 65 percent of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy. I can help to draw a strategic plan that caters to the needs of your audience. Just let me know your content needs. Having a documented content strategy helps your business to:


  • Develop consistency in goals and messaging
  • Track your efforts and results
  • Have an organized and systematic workflow


At the end of the day, the benefits of content marketing far outweigh the cost as you get to benefit from content published year in, year out. The ROI is really worth it.


But, Wait! Am I Really Qualified to Help Your Business?


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My Goal as a Professional Writer


It is to contribute to your business growth. I just don’t want to be the ‘writer’ who produces pieces for your company blog, I want to be fully involved in your content strategy and implementation. But, I need your permission to do that. Kindly give me that permission by filling in the form below to discuss your content needs: