My name is Mary Ade. I am a Nigerian. I write for top B2B/SaaS brands. I help them attract new visitors to their websites and convert same into customers with engaging and compelling content that gets shared in the social media.

To say I love Technology is like stating the obvious. I’ve always been fascinated by the Internet. I mean, what’s this technology that enables you to communicate with people tens of thousands of miles away? I just wanted to understand this new medium.

That got me into Internet Business. But, I’m first and foremost, a trained journalist. I quit Journalism, over a decade ago, to do online business. How crazy that is? But, I have survived in spite of the challenges.

And, on October 8, 2016, I decided to start CopyRevolution, a freelance writing and marketing service. I currently do blog posts, guest posting, and content strategy. I like to help people, and I truly believe in a “customer first” approach to business.


Here are Some Pieces I Have Written


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