I strive to be of the best service when it comes to content creation and marketing. Want to hire my freelance services? Here are my terms of service:

Long-Form Content

I write strictly long-form blog posts under my name. I don’t do any kind of ghostwriting. My posts start at 1000-words. I don’t write posts with a lesser number of words. Why? Long-form content works. Curata says long and detailed blog posts generate 9x more leads than short ones.

I charge 50% upfront. This advance has to be paid for work to commence. The remaining 50% shall be paid after the piece is delivered.

Completed pieces shall be reviewed within 3 days of submission and paid for within 7 days of acceptance. A late payment on invoice attracts a 5% monthly interest from the due date.

Delivery Procedure

I deliver work strictly as a Google Doc. A client is expected to pay an extra $50 to have it posted as a draft in WordPress.

I deliver final pieces two weeks after assignment (this can change as my calendar gets filled up). Blog post topics or goals cannot be changed mid-way, once agreed upon. Such a change will attract a charge of $100.

Ancillary Services

I don’t do any kind of social media posting. Clients may have to seek another service for such. I also don’t offer stock photos for completed pieces. I, however, offer screenshots (where applicable) for an extra $50.


I provide two revisions on submitted pieces. Just two. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Test Articles

I don’t do test articles.

Refund Policy

I do not offer refunds except in sickness or death.

Blog Topics

Clients shall be expected to provide topics for their blog posts. I charge an extra $50 to come up with blog post topics.

Product Reviews

I do reviews but they attract twice my rates as I insist on trying products to be reviewed. Time is valuable and you have to pay for the extra time this requires.

Research Material

I thoroughly research my pieces before writing. If, for any reason, a client decides to offer in-house data for research purposes, the information shall be sent alongside the article assignment. I reserve the right to reject or take up this assignment, should a client fail to perform its obligation.

Blogging Goals

A client is expected to communicate in clear terms the goals of the requested blog post, target audience, tone of writing, number of words, etc. I reserve the right to accept or reject a blog post assignment if a client fails to do so.

Use of Pieces

A client assumes and accepts 100% responsibility for the information contained in the pieces I produce on his/her behalf.

By choosing to use these pieces, clients indemnify me against all losses, claims, damages, and liabilities which arise out of the use of such.

On receipt of full payment, clients are granted rights to use completed pieces for the agreed purposes only. You agree not to use the essay (in part or full) for any purpose other than that agreed in writing.

You agree to abide by and honor any proposal or brief agreed to via email. CopyRevolution reserves the right to refer to Your project in future promotions.